Getting Started

In this part, we show you how to setup WinBooks-based programming enviroment from the beginning. Particullarly, we need to install following items:

  • Visual Studio 2008 Professional Editional.
  • WinBooks Project Template plug-in
  • Web browser (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera,..) and Flash plug-in.

Finally, we will build a "Hello World" sample application in detail.

Installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition

To have a understanding how to install Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, we encourage developers to look through public installing instruction at Microsoft Development Enviroment

Get Started with WinBooks Project Template install

WinBooks Project Template is a plug-in project template dedicated to developing WinBooks-based application in Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition. The template consists of three different template solutions in terms of "WinBooks Application", "Web Application" and "WinBooks Library". In this session, we introduce how to install the plug-in into Visual Studio 8 Professional Edition. Then, we describe all available template solutions for building an application.

** Installation Instructions

  • Step 1: Download the WinBooks Project Template at WinBooks Download
  • Step 2: Double click on setup file to start installing as Fig. 1.

    Fig. 1 - Starting WinBooks Project Template installation

  • Step 3: Click Next button at Select Installation Folder phase as Fig.2.

    Fig. 2 - Select Installation Folder of the WinBooks Project Template

  • Step 4: Then, click Next button until the installation is completed as Fig.3.

    Fig.3 - The WinBooks project template is installed completedly.

** Introducing WinBooks Template Project

In Visual Studio 2008 IDE, click File \ New \ Project to view the WinBooks project template and its corresponding template solutions as Fig.4

Fig. 4 - Custom WinBooks project template.

1/ WinBooks Application solution

The solution is considered as a standard WinBooks-based application which we encourage developers to build. The solution is devided into thee different projects as Fig. 5.

Fig. 4 - Custom WinBooks project template.

  • Reference project is a non-compile folder containing all neccessary assemblies for building a WinBooks-based application, including Wbks.Log.dll, Wbks.Fw.dll, WbksTrans.dll. Besides, the folder is used to store 3rd party external assemblies in the furture, making reference library management centralized. For example, if you use NHibernate.dll in WApp project, so let you put NHibernate.dll file in the Reference folder, not in WApp project.

Installing web browser and Flash plug-in

Building "Hello World" WinBooks application